Beautifully finished bodywork and detailed trims turn a classic car into a truly outstanding head-turner.

We are dedicated to delivering body restorations and re-trims that restore cars to their former glory with absolute authenticity; as if they had just rolled out of their original factory.

From back to bare metal full body restorations to minor body work repairs – our team combine the finest materials with specialist hand craftsmanship to meticulously deliver a faultless finish.

Whether you want original colour coding matches and trim finishes, or have a bespoke brief for your own unique specification, we will turn your vision into a reality.

Where trims are no longer available our restorers expertly craft these in-house, referencing the manufacturer’s original templates and detailed specifications.

We have also developed a colour match bespoke hardtop design to fit most AC models.

One thing you can be assured of, when your classic leaves Redline heads will turn.