Only 26 AC Cobra Lightweights were ever made, a rare global classic. Redline has been lucky enough to work on 10 of the 26 unique cars since they opened for business in 2001, with clients sending them to the Redline workshop from all parts of the world to ensure they receive the handcraftsmanship and restoration expertise they deserve.

The latest one to get the Redline treatment was a stunning 1989 white AC Cobra Lightweight, adorned with national French racing colours blue and red race livery.

With meticulous attention to detail and authentic craftsmanship Redline has completed;

  • A  complete nut and bolt suspension overhaul and rebuild including new springs and dampers for ultimate road performance
  • Completed a full carpet re-trim to the client’s black colour specification, professionally cleaning and maintaining the original seats and dashboard for the vehicle to maintain its originality
  • Production and installation of a Redline bespoke passenger harness bar and install of a 4 point harness over the original 20 yr old static belt, increasing vehicle safety whilst maintaining original parts and design
  • Fitting a new windscreen using a full suite of chrome fittings and finishing polish

The pictures of the finished AC Lightweight speak for themselves and this rare gem is refreshed and road ready to enjoy many more years of classic car driving.