AC Cobra dashboard restoration

When it comes to original AC Cobras and AC Cars our expertise is supreme, and utilising this knowledge and passion, along with our commitment to using only the best highly skilled handcraftsmanship, we have curated our signature Redline MkIII dash conversions.

This is a wonderful enhancement to give your AC a more authentic interior dashboard and co-ordinating fittings, replicating the historic 1960’s MkIII era of AC Cobra production.

Our methodically handcrafted MkIII dash conversions include original Smiths instruments, a Mota-Lita wood rim split steering wheel and a MkIII gear lever and handbrake sleeve. Every element is given the greatest attention to detail with authenticity central to the design and materials used.

Cobra Mk3 dash conversions

We have been entrusted by many AC Cobra owners to complete this exclusive Redline upgrade, adding the highest quality, sympathetic interior restoration that is completely authentic to highly acclaimed AC motoring history.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Redline team to find out more about our signature AC Cobra Dash Conversions.