Winter weather usually means one thing for classic cars. Tucked away, unused for months and untouched.

However, when it then comes to the warm weather returning, they often can’t get their classic pride and joy back on the road quickly enough, only to find that it has various aches and pains that need fixing in order to keep enjoying it for longer and over the summer months.

Why not turn the tide and get your beloved classic vehicle in shape for the summer over the winter period?

Classic car aches and pains such as treating rust, decay to fittings and electrics effected by condensation to name only a few, can oftentimes turn into a lengthy process and no doubt require specialist skills, knowledge, and real experience.

To ensure your classic is roadworthy and ready to create memories with you during the warm seasons, it is ideal to get them serviced and repaired while you are not in use.  The benefits are greater than just being summer ready.

Starting with the safety basics first, give the brakes a once-over. Is the fluid level up to scratch? And if not, why not? You may well find a wheel cylinder has developed leaky seals while the car was sitting still and you’ll find your missing fluid inside the brake drum and on the inner face of the wheel.

Classic cars require specialist servicing & here at Redline, we have state of the art and fully equipped service bays to help maintain your beloved classic cars at the highest standard possible.

We are also the only UK AC Cobra specialist to offer the AC owner a cost effective and tailored set price service menu from basic interim service through to 30,000 / 3-year full service and check over.