5 reasons why we LOVE classic cars!


At Redline, we’re crazy about classic cars, and we’re not the only ones! Research has shown that since the pandemic started, more and more people are fulfilling a lifelong dream to own their very own piece of automotive history. Here are just some of the reasons why we love classic cars so much:



  1. They scream personality

These days, when every car on the streets of Surrey and London looks like a carbon copy of the one in front and the one behind, a classic car stands out from the crowd like never before. Beauties like Ferraris and AC Cobras are the ultimate head-turners, and when you’re at the wheel of your very own classic car you can’t help but feel proud that your one-off mode of transport is attracting such wide-eyed stares.


  1. They’re a labour of love

Nobody who owns a classic car expects an easy ride when it comes to maintenance, but the great news is that older cars were built very sturdily, and you’d be surprised how easy they are to look after. Classic car owners take great pride in getting to know every part of the engine and bodywork, and when it comes to routine maintenance and replacement parts only the best will do!


  1. They’re a piece of our history

Classic cars are part of our English and London heritage. They are iconic and remind us of the halcyon days when life was simpler and easier. Who can look at a Jaguar XJ8 go by, without thinking of classic films like James Bond?

  1. They’re glamorous

Classic cars were made to ooze glamour and style. They exude class, and there is a timeless beauty to them that no modern vehicle could ever dream of competing with. Jumping into a convertible Ferrari and hitting the road makes you feel like you’re the star of your very own film while you’re driving around the Surrey Hills.



  1. They’re an heirloom

Many people have kept the same vintage cars in their family for decades. Children grow into adults having fond memories of the car being part of the family for their entire lives. They then go on to preserve their car to pass onto the next generation, who they know will give it just as much love and attention.


Here at Redline Classic Cars we’re as passionate about matching the right classic car to the right owner as we are about the cars themselves! Browse our current range to see what’s on offer, and if there is something particular you’ve got your heart set on, let us know!